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OUTMuslim started with a compulsion to create an online support network for Muslims around the world who self­-identify as a gender or sexual minority. Currently, the Islamic religion and its methodologies are under intense religious and political scrutiny, and it is undergoing a revolutionary reform as a result. This is coupled directly with an increased level of extremism, and a heightened sensitivity to what falls under the criteria “dictated” by Sharia law. Furthermore, this sociopolitical atmosphere has put these particular muslims at risk­ sometimes at the hands of one’s own family members or themselves; and alarmingly frequently by factions such as ISIS.

Thus far, OUTMuslim has received many private messages from people who are distressed and in need of help. Often times they simply need a sense of community to help cope with their situations. 

The vision of OUTMuslim is the creation of a space where members can retrieve information such as a listing of LGBTQ Friendly Mosques, and see the narratives of individuals who wish to submit personal accounts. A prominent feature of the OUTMuslim space will be a discussion space where users can interact with people who have similar and diverse experiences around the world.

Note: ​The purpose of OUTMuslim is not to idealize coming out. The values of this entity include freedom of expression and the choice to live the way that is conducive each individual’s well­being. OUTMuslim concurs that the exposure of queer Muslims is the strongest way to combat antagonistic ideologies. As such, this platform would be used to amplify the visibility of the community as a whole. 

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